Claims - General

Please notify your usual MIS contact as soon as possible.


Claims – On Track/On Event

You must notify MIS Motorsport within 48 hours of an accident which may give rise to a claim. This can be done by phone / email or the preferred method of completing the online form from this website. Insurers may reject any claim that is not reported within this time period.

All correspondence relating to your claim must be directed to MIS Motorsport. Please follow the steps detailed below to ensure that your claim is processed correctly.

  1. Accident Statement

    Insurers require an independent statement from a course official confirming the location, date and time of the accident. Please click on the tab above to download this form.

  2. Online Claim Form

    Click on Race/On Track Claim tab or Rally/On Event Claim tab above and provide all the necessary information. Click on “Submit Claim” to forward the claim form to us and complete this process.

  3. Photographs

    The insurer will require photographic evidence to support any claim. Therefore, please keep a photographic record of any damage prior to dismantling the car.

    Once the car is dismantled you should keep a photographic record of all damaged parts.

    Photographs should be emailed directly to MIS.

  4. Repair Estimate

    Repair estimates must be supported by manufacturers invoices for all parts claimed.

    All parts derived from stock must be supported by invoices confirming cost.

    All subcontracted work must also be supported by appropriate invoices.

  5. Disposal of Parts

    Do not dispose of any damaged parts until you have permission to do so or until your claim has been settled.

  6. Loss Adjuster

    Your insurer may appoint an independent Loss Adjuster to manage your claim.
    The role of the Loss Adjuster is to ensure that your claim is handled in a fair and equitable manner.